Car tinting has become so popular over the years in almost all the parts of the World. It has many amazing benefits, from saving you from the harmful UV rays to providing extra privacy, you can get it all with a tint on the windows of your car. But do you know that there are different types of tints to choose from? Well, if you don’t, then we got you covered. 

As you scroll down, you will find out details of all the types of window tinting so that you can decide which one to get for the best look and reliability. 

What are the different types of car tinting?

So when you are ready to get your car tint, you definitely want to get the best one for you and you would want to explore all the types of tints that you could get for your car. So we have provided below complete details of 5 different types of tints that are available in the market, with the pros and cons of each.

  1. Ceramic- These ceramic window tint is going to cost you more than any other tint. This is the type of film which will bring you the maximum visibility as it absorbs high levels of light and UV light.

Now the Pros of this Tint are:

  1. It blocks the UV light.
  2. The ceramic car tinting improves the value of the car.
  3. It resists fading.
  4. This tint is completely shatterproof and it also prevents glare.
  5. No heat will get through the window.

            And the Cons of this Tint are:

  1. It is quite expensive.
  2. It provides less privacy.
  1. Hybrid Window Tint- This tint is a perfect choice for those people who want to get a tint that is both dyed and metallic. 

The Pros of it are:

  1. It helps to block UV rays, heat and glare from the headlights and the sun.
  2. It also provides a dark yet crisp look to the windows and the car.
  3. It is durable and less expensive than the metallic tint.
  4. It gives no interior fading and no reflective appearance.

And the Cons of this Tint are:

  1. It is a bit more expensive than the dyed tint.
  1. Metallic Window Tint- This car tinting will give the look of metal to your windows. It also gets bonded with the window and helps to make them shatterproof while preventing scratches and blocking the UV rays.

Its Pros are as:

  1. It works durably to protect your windshield.
  2. It helps to block UV rays and glare and resists fading.
  3. It also keeps the heat out in summers and cold in winters.

And the Cons are as follows:

  1. It gives a lot of shiny and metallic appearance which everyone might not like.
  2. It interfaces with mobile technology, radio signals and monitoring systems of tire pressuring.
  1. Dyed Film- This particular type of window tint brings an adhesive layer of film on the windows with a polyester topcoat and dye between both.

Its Pros are:

  1. It costs less and is one of the cheapest options among all.
  2. It protects you against interference with any electronics.
  3. It provides a dark appearance and absorbs solar heat so it does not enter your car.

Its Cons are:

  1. It gives a bubbly appearance when it is not properly installed, gets faded with time and its layers can also separate.
  2. The blocking properties of this tint are not as reflective as other window tints.
  1. Carbon Tint- When carbon tint is applied on your windows, it gives a matte finish to your windows.

Pros of this tint are:

  1. It is durable, lasts long and gives a no-mirror look.
  2. It provides black appearance and prevents fading.
  3. It protects the interior of the car from the harmful UV rays and keeps your car warm in winters and cool in summers.

And the Con is:

  1. It is a bit more expensive than metallic and dyed tints.


If you are also planning to get car tinting, then read out the details of all the types of window tints above and choose the one that looks best to you. Afterall, tints have become a car statement for many people. 

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